Keeping the fans that matter: Part 1

This is the first part of a series with a purpose to teach facebook users how to keep the fans that matter on your page and how to keep them connected. Each part will be relatively short and informative with practical applications that we hope you will apply to your social networking.

There are A LOT of businesses and organizations on facebook.
Some people become a fan of a group because they like the name, or because some of their friends are fans, a lot “fans” on facebook have no idea who some of the businesses are and have no idea what they offer. This isn’t just the fan’s fault, part of it is the group itself. In our culture, we tend to think that bigger is better, and that greater numbers equal greater success. This may be true in some cases, but not necessarily here…

The real purpose of fan pages

We here believe that social networking and social media is a tool for you to use to add to your already existing customer service. It allows you to become more personable to your customers and become part of their everyday life. This shouldn’t be used to replace customer relationships, but to add to them. The same concern that you show for your customers in real life also needs to be shown through these mediums. Fan pages are about more than promoting and furthering your brand for more people to see, they’re just as much about maintaining your current following and growing those current relationships even more.

Some suggested practices for the next couple of days:

–Look through your fans and get an idea of how many of those people you actually know and how many may actually do business with you.

–Pay close attention to the activity on your page (i.e. status comments, wall posts, photo uploads/comments etc.)


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